My Broken Mariko (2022)

My Broken Mariko (2022)

Other name: マイ・ブロークン・マリコ Mai Burokun Mariko


Shiino Tomoyo has stood by her friend Mariko through years of abuse, abandonment, and depression. However horrific her circumstances, their friendship has been the one reassuring constant in Mariko’s life—and Tomoyo’s too. That is, until Tomoyo is utterly blindsided by news of Mariko’s death. In life, Tomoyo felt powerless to help her best friend out of the darkness that ultimately drove her over the edge. Now, Tomoyo is determined to liberate Mariko’s ashes for one final journey together to set free her dear, broken Mariko.

Director: Director: Tanada Yuki [タナダユキ]


Status: Completed

Release Year:

Genres: , , , ,

Stars: Starring: , , , ,

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